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Mie Radici Olive Oil

Our olives are grown in the Agrigento region of Sicily by my family and other small producers. With the first taste, you will notice Mie Radici olive oil offers an array of flavors and freshness. We guarantee it is pure 100% Sicilian olive oil from olives grown in the Region of Agrigento Sicily.

We understand that choosing the perfect olive oil can be difficult.  With so many options and flavor differentials how does one know how to select the perfect EVOO?  Well, for the most part, it is all a matter of preference.  However there are some key factors that play a role in determining the quality of EVOO.  For starters, it is important to look for Cold-Pressed this means that no heat was used in the extraction process.  Adding heat to the olives during extraction causes the oil to lose nutrients.  Oil labeled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” is the next thing to look for.  It is the purest form of olive oil and as a result, it is the most sought after as well.

We are passionate about what we do and are focused on only bringing you quality Sicilian EVOO.  The olives are carefully selected and immediately taken to a state of the art mill to be cold-pressed.  We guarantee that our olive oil is never cut with a “lesser” oil.  Only olives located in the Agrigento region of Sicily are used and Cold-Pressed to ensure the product we provide is always a quality one.

We hope that you enjoy our Mie Radici EVOO as much as we do.

This year Mie Radici is offering two exceptional products:

Cerasuola ‘Olio del Contadino’ (Farmer’s Reserve) and the Nocellara Organic Reserve. Both are exceptionally fine olive oils with their own distinct taste and flavors. Each is guaranteed to be from 100% Sicilian Olives from the region and processed fresh with no other blends of oil or additives. We will deliver the freshest 100% Sicilian olive oil we can.

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