Mie Radici Ceramics


To the south by the Sea, there are towns like Sciacca where Artisans create unique ceramics in a classic and traditional style. If you travel north and east there are other towns like the area of Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra that offer their own color and special touch of the region. Each piece may look similar in shape or size but the painted design is one of a kind. It is painstakingly created by the artist maliciously blending colors as if they were painting on a canvas. The techniques is uniquely their own, for many it has been a talent passed down for generations. The final touch of their brush is to make their stamp or signature insuring that it is an original.

We visit each shop and select the best pieces they offer. They tell us the story about the time and care it takes to create each piece and you know each was made with pride. Platter range in size from plate size to over 30 inches. They food safe or make a stunning display. Even if you do not make a purchase I hope you enjoy seeing the craftsmanship and design they put into their art.

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